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We have transversal skills of analysis and development that allow us to manage the project in all phases:

  • Architectural design
  • Electronics and software design
  • Choice of IT infrastructures: Cloud or local on premises
  • Development of mobile applications for IOS and Android or alternatively Web applications
  • VUI voice assistants: Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Integration: we combine IoT and Cloud technologies

We realized Industrial IoT Industry 4.0 projects for the following applications:

  • HVAC
  • Pay Per Use platforms for medical devices
  • Remote control of electronic equipment
  • Revamping of commercial systems using our IoT TRC platform
  • Predictive maintenance of systems and equipment
  • Energy saving and management
  • Sensor networks using the Lora, Lorawan and MQTT protocols

New Teamviewer-like real time connection technology for embedded devices

Alongside the classic protocols such as MQTT, Lora and RESTful API, we have designed and implemented a new Teamviewer-like real-time connectivity technology meant for embedded X86, ARM and raspberry devices that allows access to classic control protocols (VNC, SSH, HTTP / HTTPS, SFTP, etc.) overcoming the typical connection issues:

  • Dynamic IPs of the internet connections.
  • Connections with Proxy / 3G / 4G / 5G / LTE data connections).
  • Lack of access to Firewall's configurations
  • NAT Configuration Required on Router.
  • Need for specialized IT technicians to configure the devices.

With the same technology we have remoted access to physical ports in the following ways:

  • P2P (Physical to Physical): It is possible to create an internet tunnel that emulates the presence of a physical cable between two devices tives (eg RS232 or RS485 cable) without any user configuration.
  • P2T (Physical to Terminal): It is possible to have a physical port on the device side (eg RS232 / 485) and on the used side re an internet address to access in mode & agrave; terminal with authentication and encryption.
  • P2V (Physical to Virtual): It is possible to have a physical port on the device side (eg RS232 / 485) and on the user side and a driver installed on the PC that transparently shows the device as if it were physically connected to the PC itself.

Main features of our IoT systems:

  • Extensive expandability: possibility to manage millions of connected objects
  • Security: monitored and updated by our cybersecurity experts
  • Easily integrated: can be easily customized and allows you to revamp already existing systems; in commerce or non-industrial projects ria 4.0 compliant
  • Flexible business model: flat, according to consumption, according to the number of objects, according to the customer's needs
  • Simplicity of use: our devices are managed and programmed from simple user-friendly web interfaces that are intuitive and not with complex instructions and procedures
  • Reliability: we have a consolidated partnership of over 10 years with a leading European webfarm in cloud systems and dedicated hosting which allows us to guarantee constant monitoring and availability of our services



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