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Our products make use of proprietary technologies and open source software to ensure maximum customization, maintainability and vitality of the product with an extremely competitive cost.

Mail Folder

The system that automatically allows you to easily archive and share email attachments.
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Integrated system for archiving and sharing of email attachments simply by forwarding the message to a special email address. Mail Folder allows in a simple and intuitive way to archive documents and attachments in an organized way, share data with other users, access data from any device and place, have periodic backups and security plans, manage reviews of the same document and much more. Ideal for technical, commercial, agents etc ... You can make the contents accessible or synchronize them with folders within your local company network through a simple application. Android apps are available on Google Play and Apple IOS on the Apple Store for mobile devices. Mail Folder guarantees accessibility, simplicity of use and security of your data wherever you are.

Audio and Radio Streaming

products that allow you to send audio signals from any source via the internet
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With our audio streaming products You can listen to audio signals from anywhere on the internet environmental microphones, from low frequency sources such as sound diffusion signals (for example retransmission of audio messages between geographically separate locations) to the professional radio stations. Systems range from low cost appliance for basic needs with limited users to server-based products and cloud services for large number of users. Audio streaming can be listened to without needing dedicated programs with any computer or smartphone. Contact us for more information.


Our product that allows the management of courses, training, teaching and distance training
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Our e-learning platform based on Moodle with on-premises installation at the customer or immediately available through rso our Cloud systems.
Moodle & egrave; the most famous and used open source LMS (Learning Management System) in the world that allows you to provide educational content e online training, through the web or within private networks.
Our offer combines the most world famous open source e-learning platform to our experience and reliability; in the provide and manage infrastructures on-premises or on our Cloud.

Computer Power Saver

The appliance that allows you to save on the energy costs of your PCs
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Computer Power Saver a hardware appliance totally solid state that allows you to save on energy costs of your computers of any type by controlling the power status and extending the average life of use. It can be used with advantage in the office with computers used by users, intended computers Contact Us


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