Innovation Network Florence

We have the technology
to make your business
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Innovation Network Florence

and implementation of IT
and electronic systems

Innovation Network Florence

Engineering, integration and innovation
in IT and electronic systems

What do we do?


Innovation in

Electronics and IT

Innovation Network Florence operates in the IT and electronic sector and offers design and implementation of high-content solutions with the aim of offering the best technologies Web, Cloud, IoT and industry 4.0 to small and medium-sized companies.
In an extremely competitive world we aim to reduce costs through the development and introduction of open source technologies that allow to obtain high quality standards, maintainability and vitality of the products, always using for the realization of our solutions professionalism and extremely high skills compared to the market.
Our strenght is the capacity to provide complete solutions and assistance on all aspects of a technology project that includes electronics, information technology and network technologies.
Our mission is to enhance our customers's business through the path of innovation .

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