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Our products make use of proprietary technologies and open source software to ensure maximum customization, maintainability and vitality with an extremely competitive cost.

IoT Starter

The simple and cheap platform that allows you to enter the IoT world with a fee per device / system extremely low. Collect data from your devices and generate automatic reports and notifications based on usage or specific events.
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Designed with mobile connectivity on board, our platform does not require any type of IT or connectivity to external technological infrastructures. It automatically collects data from your devices and sends it to our Cloud systems. The Cloud platform stores the data for a period that can be defined according to the customer's needs, allows you to have reports and export data in XLS format . Furthermore, It is possible to set notifications to be sent via email when specific thresholds are reached or when events occur. For example it can be used for the automatic reordering of consumables, to report anomalies, to have user statistics about consumption, check the level of a consumable material, liquid levels, the number of times and the time of use of your system, etc ...
Starter IoT has sensors on board and can be interfaced directly with your system through simple I / O lines to collect data without in any way interfering with normal operations.
IoT starter can be used not only in combination with your devices, but also autonomously through special sensors to monitor a service, such as the number of users of a toilet service to understand when cleaning be needed, and so on.

Total Remote Control

Web control and IoT Industry 4.0 App for home automation and industrial automation. Designed for the revamp of existing systems and to enable pay per use.
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Total remote control the innovative product that allows you to control remotely , through a common connection to the Internet and a simple Web interface or Web App with extreme simplicity your non-industry 4.0 compliant systems and all daily use systems such as: alarms, air conditioning and heating systems, power and irrigation systems, opening and closing doors, doorbells remote and much more. The system allows the revamp of already existing equipment and enable pay per use.

BlackBox Monitor

Environment and Electricity Monitoring. Storage of environmental and electrical data with setting of thresholds alarms and notifications. No need installation or configuration.
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BlackBox Monitor is a monitoring and notification system that notifies via email of interruptions on the en service electrical energy and particular environmental conditions . BlackBox Monitor is a very simple , it attaches to any electrical socket and does not need of any setup or installation . it is only necessary to enter the email addresses to be notified about the condition or event you are interested in through a simple web interface in the Cloud associated with your device. For example, you can enter events such as: power failure, reaching and / or exceeding a certain threshold of temperature or humidity etc... BlackBox monitor not only notifies, but it's also a powerful data logger that uses our cloud systems to store all environmental variables and electrical outages for up to 2 years allowing a simple graphic display or a export of values in XLS format . The system is useful in all those cases where it is necessary to be warned about the environmental conditions and about possible interruptions i electrical: cellars, use of fridges, aquariums, computers and data centers etc ... BlackBox Monitor is offered as a all-inclusive service including connectivity and tech assistance . Also available on request Blackbox Pro with 6 I / O ports to control your devices when a specific event occurs.

Industrial vision systems

Industrial vision systems for process control, inspection and automation.
Systems of aid for social distancing.
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Realization of industrial vision systems for inspection, automation and control and aid for social distancing such as our system for people counting which is a valid aid for checking the number of people within an area passing through one or more entrance gates it / exit.
Main features:

  • management of multiple entry / exit gates at the same time

  • installation an unlimited number of DU (display unit) both wired and wireless with access information display (allowed / denied), places available and average waiting time.

  • simple installation with a single device installed on the ceiling near the passage (min. required height 3.20 m)

  • optional access via web or app to the number of available seats and the average waiting time

  • optional ability to customize apps and DU graphics


Low-cost alarm due to lack of electricity.
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Guardian is an alarm system that warns by telephone of interruptions in the electricity service . In the event of a power failure, Guardian calls up to 3 programmable numbers and warns the user with a two-tone sound, such as a siren. Upon returning or electricity users are called back and notified in a continuous tone. Guardian is useful in all those cases where there is the need to be warned about power outages: use of refrigerators, aquariums, cellars, computer and data centers and in general all automatic devices powered by the electricity network. For the operation of Guardian it's only needed a simple analogue PSTN telephone socket and an electrical network socket without the need aof a trained installer! Furthermore, with the use of the PSTN telephone line, unlike other alarms that require dedicated GSM SIMs, charging costs are avoided and possible deactivation due to credit expiration. It is simply programmed from the keypad of a telephone placed on the same line. Dimensions 10 x 7 cm.

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